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Individual Health Insurance Quotes: Find Affordable Coverage to Meet Your Needs

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Say the word “insurance,” and the first thing most people will think about is health insurance. If you are fortunate enough to have an employer who pays for all or part of your health insurance, the worst frustration you probably experience is related to the increasing deductibles or to the things your insurance may not pay for. However, if you are self-employed are simply have an employer who does not provide this benefit, your situation is much more financially threatening. Fortunately, help is available. Use our friendly service to learn about the types of health care insurance coverage available and to find a policy that meets your needs.

There’s no denying that health insurance is not always cheap whether it is private insurance or group insurance. You just don’t feel the pinch with group insurance because your employer pays a large portion of the bill. Many employers offer variations on the group plans—such as HMO plans, High Deductible plans and HSA plans—which lower both the amount the employer pays and what he takes out of your paycheck every month.

Individual insurance options include many of the same choices available to a group. For example, if you are willing to work within a network of doctors, you may find lower rates using an HMO or PPO plan. If you are willing to self-insure for smaller bills by using a tax deductible medical savings account or are healthy enough that you can risk a high deductible, you can bring your premium down even more. Finally, if you do have chronic conditions or are uninsurable, many companies offer indemnity plans that do not require health underwriting and are relatively inexpensive. Indemnity plans are not the best way to go, but they are certainly better than nothing as long as you work with a reputable company.

We are not an insurance company and do not endorse any one company. Our system takes the information you provide and matches it to a company that covers your area and has plans in which you have indicated an interest. Quotes are "standard," based on the information you provide. A licensed agent will contact you for additional information needed for underwriting. Then the company will examine your case and get back to you with the exact quote for the type of insurance that you qualify for.  We use top rated American companies that have a history of paying their claims.
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